How to please your man and have a strong relationship

How to please your man is one of the most sought out pieces of information because women are concerned about strengthening their relationships. Women have caught on to the fact that regardless of the sexual chemistry or emotional connection in a relationship, you need a lot of commitment and hard work to keep things perfect. This works for both parties, but a woman has the power to have a positive impact on a relationship and induce cooperation from a partner-hence how to please your man is crucial.

Women are powerful instruments of change in a relationship

The fact that women are capable of paying attention to detail and have a powerful pull on men is the basis of their influence in a relationship with how to please your man tips. For you to benefit from how to please your man and have a delightful relationship, avoid sitting back for him to instigate everything, and take the initiative. You have to cultivate qualities that will endear your man to you and bring out positive emotions in him.

Be the woman he fell in love with using how to fill your man ideas

The cause for many break ups and empty relationships is that women change and stop being as attractive as they used to be at the beginning of the relationship. How to please your man involves looking good as concerns your body, grooming, dressing and overall presentation. Men are visual creatures and they like looking at beautiful women hence your first task with how to please your man is to look good.

You don’t have to look like a model, but you should find a style of dressing, hair style and make up application that suits you. Whatever you choose should bring out your positive attributes and take attention away from your negative attributes. Do not hesitate to consult experts on this so that you can get what suits you. Once you look good, improve on your communication skills – stop nagging!

Using Communication in how to please your man

The fact remains that most women talk a lot and men are not wired to talk so much. This gets worse when dealing with a quarrel or nagging a man about a mistake he has committed because women have the memory of an elephant and are always rehashing past mistakes.  Nagging is a relationship killer, so avoid it and get constructive ways to deal with things you are unhappy about. Use how to please your man and make love not war.

The more love you make the less nagging you have to do because men are more receptive to listening to anyone who gives them pleasure. They will spare time, money and any other resource to be with you if you will be good at giving them pleasure. How to please your man by making love is not just in the physical sense but through the things you do for him. This involves taking the time to find things that he likes and doing it for him.

It’s not all physical

Many women take how to please your man to mean engaging in sexual activity, which is wrong. Many men will tell you that, among the favorite things that they enjoy in life, physical intimacy is not all they like to do. These include a favorite meal perfectly cooked, a good listener, women with a sense of humor, a good car, sharing a beer with friends, action movies, fancy electronic gadgets, sports and the list is endless. This means that to remain relevant you have to increase your scope of knowledge on his favorite’s activities.

Give a little with how to please your man

Men are used to being the provider so if you surprise them with a gift now and then you will be on track concerning how to please your man. Buy him a favorite electronic gadget, some tickets to his favorite game or an elegant watch. Getting it right will create a lasting impression and make him feel special- and men also love being treated well. Spending time with them once in a while indulging in an activity they enjoy such as watching sports is also a good gesture and a great bonding tool.


Respect is one invaluable ingredient for how to please your man because in every relationship there has to be a leader. Otherwise, there will be competition, which will lead to disharmony and the disintegration of the relationship. I f you are with the right person you complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses which will make it easy for such an agreement. However if your strengths and weaknesses are the same then it will be hard because you will always clash-so being with the right person is a first step.

Honesty and communication

Just because you respect your man and don’t want to nag, doesn’t mean you suffer in silence. Finding the right way to communicate your feelings honestly and with respect is the best option. Men can’t take hints so be clear about your problem, the solution you have in mind, and when you would like them solved; then let him be. These specifics will be easier to assimilate and find solutions to and your partner will solve your problem or give you a reason why he can’t do it. Following this how to please your man idea, will help avoid unnecessary conflict in the relationship.

Communicating good points is also important, as is communicating your needs and displeasure at one thing or the other. Take time to compliment and communicate pleasure whenever your man does something good. You can do it verbally or by doing good things for them. This will make him feel even more receptive towards doing good things for you and you will end up increasing rewards leading to a win-win solution.

Once you have taken the time to do all this then avoid taking things too seriously. Aim at having fun in your relationship by indulging in activities inspiring enjoyment and adventure. You can go on hikes, enjoy some dancing or anything that will bring up the adrenalin and give you that feel good feeling apart from sex.

Pleasing your man is a matter of investing time and energy and the combined efforts of two people who love each other.